The International Symposium »Future of Work« aims at both appreciating the efforts from the partners of the Virtual World Tour on 4th/5th December 2018 and expanding the international research network, outlining common interests and the potential for joint research activities. The event is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Further international activities are planned.


The International Scientific Symposium »Future of Work« in Stuttgart, Germany, on July 2-4, 2019, aims to

  • give an insight into the range of topics related to »Future of Work« within the current research network
  • activate and bring together partners from earlier European Projects at Fraunhofer IAO
  • explore common interests and options for joint research activities in future
  • set up further activities in the future such as the European Conference »Future of Work« in October 2020 in Bonn with international presentations and up to 1000 participants, planned from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


More information about the agenda can be found via the following button: