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Coworking – Current Research and Practice of Work(space) and Learning Design

The first part focuses on Coworking as a new work scenario from the perspective of mature companies. How does it complement the existing work scenarios? What is it for whom? How will the corporate office and the topic of coworking evolve in the near future? The team from the University of St.Gallen will present the findings of a study where four companies let their employees work in coworking spaces during a one-year experiment.

In the second part we discuss how workplace design can nurture creative work and innovation spirit, and whether architecture can nudge co-creative work. This is relevant for corporate workspaces, for coworking spaces as a business model, as well as for learning environments. The new Learning Center HSG with its design by Sou Fujimoto architects is presented as a manifestation of these values and strategy.

Session host and moderation:

Prof. Andrea Back, University of St. Gallen

Barbara Josef, University of St. Gallen

Arne Grüttner, University of St. Gallen


  • Presentations of Coworking research studies and intermettant discussion with the talk guests.

  • The online-audience will be encouraged to get involved and post on communication channels with a first (mentimeter) question to answer.

  • Contact info of the talks guests via a microsite

Main topics:

  • Handing over from Stuttgart (face-to-face conference) to St. Gallen (start of the virtual world tour).

  • Welcome and introduction
    Introduction of the session topic and the guest-mix and the procedure for the 2-hour session;
    Introduction of the online channels for involvement of the audience;
    Introduction of the moderator and guests.

  • Coworking research/studies key results: How Corporates (established companies) see and use Coworking – including a prerecorded video interview with Caroline Rogge (HR Lead Microsoft Switzerland) touring their coworking space
    Discussion with the talk guests, including online audience questions

  • Design Patterns for Creative (and Innovation) Workspaces
    Research in progress – reflection with the talk guests, especially with F. Rittiner who did his Ph.D. in this field and know works as a consultant in office/workspace design for Witzig

  • Importance of Coworking for students at an university. The architecture of the Learning Center HSG as instantiation and driver and of learning innovation (culture) innovation
    New Learning and the new building Learning Center HSG
    Perspective of the young generation by showing photos with the architectural design of the Learning Center HSG – Open Grid (by architects Sou Fujimoto)

Key message:

An important success factor for the design of tomorrow’s working world are the shared values and their manifestation, even in physical workplace architecture. Coworking is not only a new work scenario, but signals the transformation of the work culture.

Speakers / Panelists:

Yenny Schaepper (Village Office)

Luca Serratore (past president of the Student Union UniSG)

Dr. Florian Rittiner (Witzig – The Office Company)