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Collaborations Between the Two Brains: Digital Transformation of New Workforce Models in Taiwan

In this session, we would like to introduce the concept of „AI+HI“ (Artificial Intelligence and Human intelligence) working together like two collaborative brains to empower the future workforce through digital technologies. An overview of the new framework of model will be proposed in this session. In addition, there will be innovative use cases applied in different areas, such as smart manufacturing, smart aquaculture and smart tele-(robot) service for illustrating the change of this digital transformation towards the new working models in Taiwan

We sincerely invite you to join our session to explore this first-hand presentation and interesting topic of area with our expert guest speakers from the academia, enterprise and research institute! Come to join us at the virtual world tour, and see you on Dec 5th @3-5pm CST !!!

Session host and moderation:

Dr. Yuling Sophia Hsu (Institute for Information Industry/Digital Service Innovation Institute)


  • Presentations with expert panel discussions

  • Demonstrations and use cases

  • Questions and answers from the conference participants with all guest speakers

Main topics:

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
    Overview of the Institute for Information Industry /Digital Service Innovation Institute and Research project highlight. Also, we will give an overview of the four different projects related to this topic, and how these technologies could impact and influence the workforce models in Taiwan.

  • AI+HI Project 1: Collaboration With the Two brains–AI+HI and Digital Twins
    Introduction regarding the innovative concept of AI+HI and future of work. In addition, the digital twin project will be introduced as well as the collaboration between DSI and Fraunhofer Future Work Lab.

  • AI+HI Project 2 : The Brain Connects the Cloud and Shop floor — Intelligent Enterprise War Room
    Demonstration of the newly developed „Intelligent Enterprise War Room“ in the field of Manufacturing, and how it changed the role of working models in the factory.

  • AI+HI Project 3 : The Dual Synergies –Development of Smart Aquavoltaics System in Taiwan
    Presentation of the new joint project in the field of “aquavoltaics“: using artificial intelligence, intelligent internet of things (AIOT), and special aquaculture technologies.

  • AI+HI Project 4: The Fusion of Physical and Digital–Current Development of Tele (Robot) service in Taiwan
    Demonstration of use cases in National Palace Museum and current / future development of teleservice in workforce models in Taiwan.

  • Panel Discussion and Conclusion
    Questions and answers between the conference participants and the expert panelists.

Speakers / Panelists:

Dr. Yuling Sophia Hsu (Institute for Information Industry)

Director, Eden Hsu (Institute for Information Industry)

Business Director, Wei-Run Su (Institute for Information Industry)

Section Manager, Jing-Ming Chu (Institute for Information Industry)

Director, Joe Shen (NEXCOM)

Prof. Kung-Jen Wang (National Technology University of Science & Technology)

Prof. Jenn-Kan Lu (National Taiwan Ocean University)

Prof. Ju-Chun Ko (National Taipei University of Technology)

Prof. Kevin Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University)